Drunk Girl Holding Pee After 15l

Eva faces the most difficult challenge ever! She has to drink a bottle each 20 min, a total of four 0. 5 bottles and hold the large amount of piss for almost two hours. It was joy at the beginning; she was telling funny stories about her urinate holding practice both in English and Russian, about urinating by accident or releasing the flow of piss on someone, all while smoking and dancing, but then she got buzzed and vulnerable to failing the holding test. You can see her large bladder bulge; it even hurts to touch the belly. Eva writhes on the coach, moving around and holding the pee. While dancing she even wets her panties but continues to hold the pee until the test time is up to finally release the huge amount of piss in the measuring jug which shows up to 1. 2 liters of pee :D She did it!