Lesbian Toilet 5 – Constipated Madness

You are about to witness something you have NEVER seen in one of my movies before, much less doing it with another woman. But well get into how Chanelle was rewarded for her loyalty fidelity at the end of this movie in a moment. Chanelle visited me again for further training as my toilet and again she was only to eat waste from my bod during her stay here. But after 42 hours of me being constipated I was worried. I knew shes very thirsty and I also knew when youve been constipated long that the smell taste is something no toilet slave can suffer not mine anywayI attempted to crap in different positions, Chanelle munched my bulbous ass hole long periods of time in order to get me some relieve because I was in agony and a lot of discomfort. Youll see from different angles how she probed my rectum using the peak of her tongue to lubricate a very stinky turd in there. Ultimately I was able to poop into her mouth, one of those tastey turds felt like providing birth with your rectum. But a bigger problem was ahead. The smell was unbearable, how will Chanelle cope? Will she be able to swallow?Perhaps it was her hunger after 42 hours of having nothing to eat but it sure as well was loyalty, determination and devotion towards me for the most part as she ate EVERYTHING and even cheekily sucking her shit smeared finger tips clean! Good slaves deserve good rewards but GREAT female slaves like Chanelle deserve GREAT rewards! Literally less than five people on this planet got to hold their breath while licking my asshole clean after a feeding while having their nose deep into my soaking wet vagina as I ride their face into climax. Welcome to a very elite club Chanelle. You EARNED it sweetheart! Xoxo If you want to see a true beautiful feeding video of one woman feeding another woman with the waste from her Goddess body and then ride her face to bring herself to climax this video is for you. Most people will see the true erotic beauty of girl on girl toilet slavery in this production xoxo.