Mistress Emiri Pee-trains A Filthy Slave

Emiri looked haughtily at the nameless slave, who was tied to the floor. He looked at her blankly and waited for her to give her hourly bounty of golden rush. Emiri desired the slave to beg for it with his eyes. His eyes were voracious for piss, the salty warmth soothed his mouth and made him entire. All he wanted to was to drink Emiris glorious piss all day, until his belly ached from all the pee. The Mistress lowered her pussy lips near his mouth and she felt his warm breath with anticipation. Slowly, she began releasing the salty piss into the slaves mouth. She could even hear the gurgling of her pee in his mouth as it filled to capacity. And then she gave him even more, so he would swallow fast.