Mistress Gaia – Diarrhea For My Slave

Yesterday, after dinner, I ate watermelon. It is a refreshing fruit that I like to eat on hot summer evenings but which, unluckily, often creates problems for my tummy. And I fear that, even this time, it went like this, I hear strange rumblings in my belly and, very likely, in a little while I will have to run to the toilet. But I have some urgent work to do, therefore, I call my slave-toilet and have it placed under my chair, in case I need the toilet urgently. In fact, it does not take long for the very first discharge of diarrhea to arrive, followed by a more abundant one, which, after packing his mouth, floods his entire face. Its a heinous view but, at least, liquid crap is lighter to guzzle, the slave doesnt even have to chew!! I proceed to work, totally disregarding the slave but, then, I have to piss. I stick the funnel into his mouth and, as usual, I release a giant amount of piss, which puts a strain on the slave, who has to drink it all, up to the last drop. Now that I have freed myself of all my waste, I can continue working in peace. A warning to the slaves who want to be used as a toilet: I do not know how my shit will be that day, if it will be hard or soft or diarrhea, if it will be abundant or just a little piece, so, please, dont ask me. You must be ready for any eventuality and eat my shit as it comes. After all, a toilet cannot decide the type of shit it will receive!!! FOR CUSTOM VIDEOS, PLEASE WRITE ME AT: it.