Mistress Gaia – Here Is What You Asked For

Slave, today Im in a good mood; Im going to make this movie just for you and I know that you are going to buy it; you cant help it. I know that you like to wank-off watching a beautiful woman defecating. You can get excited only in that way. You get turned on even more, watching an elegant woman defecating; yes, because even defecating requires elegance and I am an elegant woman!! On the other end, I like defecating in my slaves mouths. Look, I take off my panties; you see, they are dirty of my humors. I have not washed myself yet! Look at my gorgeous pussy and, now, at my beautiful ass-hole; from here your meal is coming out!! Oooooh, look how much shit I have made!!! A toilet slave like you must eat it all and, then clean my ass!!!