Mistress Gaia – My Kaviar Must Not Be Wasted

Today I have called my slave because I had some custom-made clips to film. We were about to embark with the very first one, when I realize that I need to go the toilet. Why waste my precious Caviar in the toilet, I think, when I can make a bounty to my faithful slave? I take a folding foot stool that was nearby and tell my slave to lie down under it. I order him to close his eyes, I dont want my slaves to see my vulva and ass-hole when Im using them as a toilet. My poop today is pretty soft; unluckily, the first piece misses the target but not the following ones; they go directly into his open mouth. I make him pick up the fallen piece and put it back in his mouth. Now its time to chew and swallow. My shit must be tasty today, since he finishes it up quickly. Quite clearly the slave appreciates Mistress Gaias gift!!!