Mistress Gaia – Puppy’s Training

I determined to give this futile slave one last chance, to see if he can ultimately perform something good. I trained him in the same way we train puppies, making him learn a few dry and precise orders, limiting as much as possible every spoken exchange and using plain gestures. I sit at my desk to do some administrative paperwork and commence the test. I ring the bell and say coffee and instantaneously the slave arrives with a cup of coffee. With my fingers I indicate down and the slave kneels down; I say eat and he starts tonguing the feet of my shoes. Well, the puppy seems to have learned something!!! But, now, We come to more difficult things. Jug I say and the jug arrives. I lower my panties and I fill the jug with a huge amount of pee!!! Drink! I say and he starts drinking but the task turns out to quite difficult. He drinks a few sips, then stops, then resumes; he is clearly in trouble. I order him to drink everything and, unfortunately, the puppy method doesnt work any more; I have to scold him and threaten him, to him to continue and swallow all the piss. The useless slave has failed once again!!!