Mistress Gaia – Slave Breakfast Is Ready

My slave spent the night in the puny box, with his arms tied behind his back. A very awkward position but, yu know, a slave does not necessarily have to be convenient! Now, however, its time for breakfast and Im going to prepare it myself. In fact, toda his breakfast will consist of my kaviar! To make things even more difficult for him, Ill put it on a plate and hell have to eat it like a dog, without cutlery and without using his palms. He will not even be able to drink my piss to quench his thirst, I will only give it to him at the end and only if he will be able to eat it all. THIS IS A VIDEO WHERE SHIT IS REALLY AND ACTUALLY EATEN IN LARGE QUANTITIES, NOT JUST TAKEN IN MOUTH. DEDICATED TO THE TRUE CONNOISSEURS OF SCAT SCENES. For custom clips write me at: it.