Mistress Gaia – The Magic Shit

Custom-built REQUEST - Good morning Mistress,the custom-made request is a bit special, always based on predominance scat and skirts fetishism, but with a supernatural plot. You are a witch and, in essence, you use your magical powers to cast me a spell that converts me permanently in your toilet. How does this happen?Very first you draw a pervert me, leaving your dirty underwear outside the door, on which you cast a spell that stuns and immobilizes who touches them. The movie opens with you watching that Your trap works well and and you are pleased with this thing, and now you have the raw material for your spell. Then the movie off and you explain that you cast a spell that aims to turn me forever in your toilet. The spell is in three phases:Before the slave must idolize your boots imploring you to turn him into a toilet. Then the witch piss in the slaves mouth, turning him into a toilet, but the transformation is not permanent, he can still go back. Finally the witch shit in the slaves mouth, making the final and permanent transformation. You enjoy in explaining these things, you rule me mentally and order me to submit to you, and then you begin the ritual. Video as usual in pov style, you wear a skirt, a dark gothic skirt. A witch skirt...Thanks!!! ?