Mistress Minky Using Her Toilet After Gym

Eventually a ideal appearance of a fresh kinky Mistress. Today she is making her debut in the world of film and we want to help her reach the top and encourage her in this endeavor. In this movie, she returned home from the gym and desired to humiliate her slave with a scene of worshipping of her feet, sneakers and a scene of CBT. Mistress Minky was wearing sneakers and a crimson spandex catsuit. She trampling him, stomping his figure, smacking his face with sneakers and destroy his cock and balls with her dirty shoes. In the end, because she was satisfied with her slaves performance, she gave him a blue liqueur, found perhaps only in Avatar. She placed him on the floor and obliged him to keep his mouth open until she poured all her blue piss inside him. The slave tried to drink everything, but failed. Mistress made him lick everything at the end. A first clip of Mistress Minky, a clip that we hope you appreciate at fair value.