Pantyhose Pooping In A Metro

I love wearing pantyhose in public! I love being out in public and realizing that I need to mess my pantyhose indeed bad! I love standing in a public place isle with people walking by! I love pushing as I poo my stockings right there with people all around! I wonder if they can smell me! I wonder if they hear me grunting and know exactly what I am doing! Do you think they can tell I have a stockings on? I bet they know Im a stinky pantyhose dame! Witness as I walking around a metro flashing my pantyhose! It feels so good to wear a pantyhose in public! Soon I have to pack my stockings! See as I shove out a big smelly load of poo in my pantyhose! Right there in the busy metro! I waddle around the metro with a full, stinky pantyhose on. I need to get changed soon! I hurry to the public toilet before anyone can smell my stench! Oh yuck! Ive made such a stinky mess! Im such a filthy pantyhose girl! I love it! Enjoy! .