Sapphic Toilet 6 – Assfuck With Tongue

COLLECTORS CLIP!!! Read on, check the Gif as well as other pictures and you WILL understand I have good reason for telling that. Keep reading, I PROMISE its worth Chanelles ten day stay there was a full three days I wasnt able to take a poop. When it was eventually time that morning I KNEW it was going to be a Massive fountain of kaviar coming out of me. Keep in mind Chanelle only gobbles what comes out of my bod during her visits please NEVER attempt this yourself unless you know what youre doingI determined to give Chanelle a treat by feeding her in bed and what a meal it was! Keep in mind the longer you dont feces the worse it is for the slave. Not only because you feces larger geysers but because it smells and taste a LOT worse the longer it stays in your colon. We spooned in opposite directions as you can see in the photos and Chanelle had to munch my unwashed butt hard Doesnt matter that shes also a woman, she also has to earn her meals like any other good toilet slaveAs she gently fucked my butthole with her tongue working it in and out of my full rectum I shoved gently to ensure the peak of her tongue makes constant contact with the peak of my turd. Feeling the intense pleasure of having my full rectum fucked by her tongue WHILE knowing she has to suffer the taste of my filth in there just intensified my orgasm. Eventually after a few minutes of liking this pleasurable feeling at HER expense I gave a decent shove and the most insane longest thick and creamy turd commenced sliding out of my anus into her mouth. Chanelle guzzled like the ultimate toilet slave champ guess she was thirsty She LITERALLY gulped with the same speed it was sliding out of my butt, she guzzled the entire thing basically whole. But filmed from two angles you wont miss anything, you can see at least an inch or two of constant sliding turd being guided the entire time by her eager tongue despite the horrific smell. At one point there was a gentle reminder from Devoted Sub towards her not to swallow everything as my last softer creamier turd slid over her lips and my ass cheek. THAT one was excellent for smearing so NOW the real fun was about to start ME anywayChanelle smeared my little bottom and packed it tight with my last soft shit, then pressed her entire face into my filth and tongue fucked my asshole deep. Within seconds I was in orgasmic heaven as one multiple orgasm after another hit me for several minutes. It was like a shit war down there between my rectum and her tongue, my shit going back and forth, in and out only intensified my multiple orgasms that much more. Multiple views including close-up action of Chanelles tongue literally fucking the last messy flith and rectal secretions out of my rectum, my face and vocal sounds during these long intense multiple orgasms. Even close-up shots of my upper body as well as my hands so you can see exactly how intense and pleasurable these orgasms were. You can see my hands involuntarily contracting with my orgasm colon contractions, all in close crystal clear view for you to enjoy. In the close up views of her tongue fucking everything out of my rectum I lost all control over my bowels due to the intense orgasm contractions and unloaded the nastiest filth into her mouth. Show showed the ultimate compassion, love, respect and devotion towards me but remaining composed, swallowing my nasty runny filth while keeping on tongue fucking my asshole rectum to ensure my multiple orgasms are not interrupted. Its those kind of things between two women who makes this such an AMAZING experience that words to describe it completely still have to be invented. Youre going to see so much of all of this in this particular video, hence the reason I say its a true collectors video of almost half an hour xoxo.