Smelly Shitty Breakfast For My Toilet Tart

Today, my slave lady, my toilet tart, asked for dirty, smelly breakfast. She dreamed me to feces in her plate, wished fruit with my fragrant kaviar. Of course, I could not deny, my living toilet, women should not be denied at all, you need to please their desires when they want or ask for something. My lovely toilet put a plate of grapes under my arse and I shoved poo from the ass and stream of soft shit flew out and covered all plate with thick layer shit. The smell of fresh shit immediately spread through the room. My pretty shit-eater smiled, her eyes glittered, she smelled her favorite treat. Well, my toilet slut, begin eat your smelly breakfast, dip your grapes in shit, scoop up shit with banana, and wash all down with my urine. Enjoy your meal, shit eater. I will smear you with shit so that your skin will absorb its smell, and shit will make it soft and silky. I want shit mask too, smear a little shit on my breasts my toilet bitch, dont be afraid, gently, lick my tits, caress. Shove a grape up my ass, fuck me with a banana. Deeper, well done, and now put your hands under my ass I want to shit again. Eat now these fruits together with my shit that came out of my ass. You like this breakfast, now Ill often shit on your plate in the morning and youll eat all the shit, my toilet slut.