Toilet Service In Winter Park

Toilet service in winter park. This morning we agreed with Mrs Christina, Amina and Karina about the meeting. I had to serve them in the apartment, and by the appointed time I was walking towards their house. My way was passing through the park and here I was in for asurprise - I met my Mistresses. In this beautiful winter day the doll's determined to take a walk in the park before my arrival. They didnt want to waste time on getting to home, and determined to use me as a toilet outdoors. It was an extreme service. I had to lie in the snow, and the ladies took turns sending their poop in my opened mouth. At any time strangers could show up in the park, therefore I had to guzzle everything very quickly. But on the other hand, it is pleasant tofeel the warm and fragrant female shit, from which vapor comes, in contrast to the winter cold.