Toiletbowl For Everything Puke Kaviar Saliva Snot

Today he is toilet for everything, for feces, vomit, snot and drool. Today his reincarnation, he has crossed the line, fetters and limitations have fallen, now he has become sewer, latrine for everything and for everyone. And I wont stop there. My kaviar eater will become crap receiver1. Eat five days collected crap, pathetic slave, toiletWell, my toilet, its time for dessert. I been cooking it five days, collecting crap for you. Look, this is teramisu, smelly, soft and cool. And youre will be to eat it now. And dont look like this. Youre attempting to ruin my mood. Youll eat all the kaviar I feed you. Open your mouth, open it broader. Eat my poop, guzzle, you are my loo, my toilet cup and dump. Its delicious poo, isnt it, like shit sherbet. Swallow, today is your holiday youre eating your fourth pile of shit. Today Im going to fill you with shit up to your ears. Entertain us pig snout eat shit and sing a song. This is only your first experience of eating so much shit, nothing, now I will do it regularly and constantly2. Saliva, vomit, snot swallow all, toilet bowlDrinking vomit is the most difficult thing for my shit eater. But never mind, today we are having fun and having a good time. Fresh shit was fed and collected shit was fed, its time to drink vomit. And so that the toilet does not shirk and does not close his mouth, I put dilator on it. Today, all the waste from our bodies goes only into the mouth of this shit eater. Lift your head and catch my vomit, swallow, I said swallow. Ill give you saliva and snot swallow it all, Ill teach you to drink my vomit you ungrateful toilet bowl.